Magnificent Fitzgerald

I've had my new baby goats here for almost three months now.  They have slowly gotten to know the other goats and the llamas and alpacas, have gone through the getting sick/getting better cycle that usually accompanies new livestock and I think they have settled in well.   They have been released from quarantine and run with the other animals now.  They can hold their own with the larger goats and have been seen playing with the yearling Angora goats.

Fly is the shortest and the friendliest of the two.  Fitz has gotten more used to me but he still skitters away when I reach for him.  That is until last Monday when the most amazing thing happened.  My daughter-in-law came out for the day and brought along my wonderful granddaughter who is 9 months old.  Amilia is a charming and adorable toddler.  The three of us walked into the goat pen and life as we knew it changed.  Fitz seemed to realize that this was his human.  Fly was his normal charming self but Fitz walked right up to Amilia and nuzzled her foot.  He was happy to let her pet him.  Well, a 9 month old doesn't really pet - it's more of a pat which can get very enthusiastic.  Fitz sniffed and rubbed and seemed delighted to be "petted" by Amilia.  When he wondered away and we called him back he came running. 

Now almost a week later, Fitz is still happy to be petted and loved on.  When I open the gate and let all the goats out after being fed, Fitz and Fly always come over to be rubbed and to say thank you for breakfast.  I'm sure that's what they are trying to convey.  I tell them to play nice with the old goats and harass the long legged llamas and alpacas and to have a good day.  They must understand me because that's exactly what they do.