New Kitchen Towels

The most recent run of towels are now off the loom!  I've been working on them pretty consistently, in part, because I have several more towel projects I want to get started on.

These are my most favorite pinwheel design done in cottolin (60% cotton, 40% linen) but woven a couple of different ways.  I used all five colors in the weft for two of the towels, just two colors in the weft for two of the towels and just the natural color in two more towels.  Three of the towels are woven with hand painted linen.  I love the hand of the towels woven with linen even though it makes them more expensive.  They are thicker and heavier but not in a bad way.

I did cut off part of the warp before I got all the way to the end.  Sometimes you know it's time to be finished because it's just time to be finished.