Fall is here!

It's been about 6 weeks since I posted to this blog.  It's been busy.  Here is a quick summary -

  • With all the rain we had this summer, the parasites were horrible.  I had three very sick goats and lost two of them.
  • Goats and horses were moved around to different pastures.
  • Vacation this year was 10 days along the northern coast of Spain.  Wonderful!
  • Most of my photos from Spain are of interesting textures.  You'll see them in this and the next blog posts.
  • We had one horse with an ulcerated cornea that was treated daily for about three weeks.
  • We kept various grandchildren for various lengths of time.  All of it was exhausting and totally wonderful.
  • The dishwasher was finally repaired after more than a month of hand washing dishes.
  • We had a great trip to the zoo for a grandson's birthday.
  • Peggy and I had a great trip to Hot Springs for the Arkansas Fiber Extravaganza Show. 
  • I've acquired two more goats.

Like I said, its been busy.  Right now I'm still struggling to get all our inventory put away.  The yarn is back where it belongs but I still have stacks of scarves and kitchen towels to arrange.  There are huge bags of beautifully dyed fiber that I can't figure out where to put.  They should be out where everyone can see them but finding room for that is problematic.

I'm trying to finish weaving this fall's run of linen face cloths.  My friend Nancy, who supplies me with hand made goats milk soap, is off to Connecticut for a month or so.  She should be back here in time to deliver the soap so we will have our gift bags for the guild sale in November.

I'm also getting the big loom warped for the next run of kitchen towels.

The edge of a roof in Santiago de Compostella.