Fall Sale

Peggy and I made the drive into Houston yesterday to pick up whatever of our items didn't sell last week at the Fall Sale. 

Both of us had included hand spun yarn, hand dyed yarn and finished goods in our inventory.  Peggy also included some fantastic hand dyed fiber.  Shawls, kitchen towels, a bread cloth, several woven and crocheted scarves and linen face cloths were all available for sale with the Sky Loom Weavers tag.

We also included some of our new kits.  The kits are called Kit & Caboodle and come in a knit version and a weave version.  Neither of these are the "teach me to knit" or "teach me to weave" type of kit.  Each one includes some of our hand spun yarn and sometimes some commercial yarn too, along with general instructions to knit or weave a wonderful unique scarf.  I'm working on getting these up on the website so you should see them there soon.

Interestingly, they didn't give us a list either of what we sold or of what was being returned to us, when we picked up our unsold items. We will have to wait for the documentation that will accompany our payment for the items sold.  Somehow the bags and tubs we brought our items in had wandered away by the time we went to pick them up.  Without the lists to compare to, it looks like we did pretty well.  I know we sold at least 10 kitchen towels, all but one of the linen face cloths, some fiber and quite a bit of yarn.  We look forward to the final accounting.

We have two more sale events this fall.  Saturday November 29th is Small Business Saturday and we will be open and ready for your visit.  If you are out in the neck of the woods, we will be open from 10 am till 4 pm.  The coffee will be on and I'll be out here in the studio weaving and spinning.

The second event will be at our favorite local yarn shop - Yarntopia.  Sheryl Means is having a Holiday Gift Market and Christmas Open House on Saturday December 6th from 10 am till 4 pm.  We will have a large selection of our finished goods, yarn, kits, looms and all manor of fun Christmas gifts.  Please come by and see us!