Back in the Studio - Reprise

Today is my first day back in the studio where I feel good enough to actually get something accomplished.  I'm still coughing a bit and have to have a box of kleenex close at hand but I'm feeling spritely.  And spritely is pretty darned good compared with tired, fuzzy, wobbly, distracted, indifferent, achy, heavy headed and slightly snarky which is how I've felt for the last week or so.  Yes, spritely is a wonderful thing.

I still have bags of fiber piled up along with a variety of things I tossed down from the loft to get them clear of the advancing water from my plumbing leak.  And I need to rearrange the furniture enough to get an additional loom in here.  Peggy and I are doing brunch tomorrow and I'll bring her loom back here for a try-out.

In clearing out the loft to get all the doors open to get to the leak I unearthed some interesting treasures. I found a basket full of skeins of Lamb's Pride worsted weight yarn.  Peggy bought them at some point for a project she was working on.  I don't remember what the project was but they will be perfect for our Kit & Caboodle Weaving Kits.  They are 190 yards which is perfect for the warp of a nice scarf on a Cricket loom with some wiggle room so the weaver can make the scarf a bit wider or longer if they want to and enough yarn left over to use a bit of it in the weft.  And the colors will work great with some stupendous hand spun yarn for the rest of the weft.

I also came across my Pat Green picker.  This is a dangerous instrument best used with leather gloves and a leather apron because of its huge and very sharp teeth.  Regardless of the careful attention it requires, it is the perfect tool to pick apart wool or mohair into clouds of fluff.  The fluff can go right to your spindle or spinning wheel for spinning or be blended with other fibers for amazing art batts.  It's a great tool but it's been parked in my loft for as long as I've had a loft.  We have never gotten used to using it on a regular basis and I think it needs to find a new home.  I'll try to get some  pretty pictures taken soon and get it up on the website.

The leak isn't actually fixed yet.  Our wonderful contractor, Richard Baron, will be here on Monday and I'll have him take a look at it.  He pretty handy with all sorts of jobs but also knows when to call for some help.  I'm pretty confident he will fix the leak - then I'll have hot water again.

Don't forget January 11th from 10 am till 2 pm here in the studio for Roc Day!  See you then!