Getting Ready For The Cold

We are supposed to have our coldest temperatures yet tonight.  At least that's what the weather people are predicting.  They say it will be down to 25 degrees here. That's pretty darned cold for our neck of the woods.  It was cold enough several nights ago to put a skim of ice on the horse's water troughs but it was no where near as cold as 25 degrees.  We had a very mild Christmas and New Years but this is the time we usually get cold weather.

Getting ready for the cold always means putting out hay. We loaded up the mule this morning and put out 5 bales of hay - one in each of the horse's shelters, one in the goat's shelter, one in the shelter in the top pasture and one in the hay rack in the llama pasture.  Fortunately, I had great help.

It makes a huge difference in efficiency to have someone to open and close gates while watching out for animals trying to sneak out and go walk-about.  Ron is great at it.  All the animals stayed right where they were supposed to be.

Shelters were bedded...

and investigated...

and water troughs were topped off.

Fortunately, there is no rain expected.  I'll take a pry bar out with me to feed in the morning to break up the ice in all the troughs.  Stay warm everybody!