Roc Day.... Check!

Roc Day was fun.  The weather was ugly but not freezing, rainy but no downpour.  Just the kind of day that makes most people think it would be nice to just stay home and do some knitting... or weaving... or spinning.  That's exactly what most people decided to do yesterday.  We usually have a fair crowd on Roc Day but not this year.  Only the stout of heart ventured out.  That meant that we had a great time really talking to our friends that braved the weather and the drive.  It was calm and wonderful out here.  We missed the rest of you but know we will see you out here soon.

Today the rain has stopped but it's still overcast and grey.  We may get up to 50 degrees this afternoon but not much higher than that.  The llamas, alpacas and goats have spent much of the last several days either penned in the barn or with access to the barn.  They all appreciate dry hay and being out of the wind.  Personally, I'd like the ground to dry out some.  This coming weekend we will be packing up and loading up the trailer for our winter venture east.  The entire trip will go much better if we don't need a huge tractor to get the trailer out of the mud!

We'll be at the January Spin-In in Destin,FL Jan 21-24th.  Then it's off to Oxford, MS for the Knit 1 Oxford Fiber Festival Jan 30 - Feb 1st.  We love both of these shows!  Destin is laid back with lots of crazy spinners so it's full of spinning and appreciative Oo's and Ah's, chatting and laughing and seeing old and new friends.  We'll be teaching four classes in Oxford so it's not quite so laid back but it's great fun.  Come join us in Oxford if you're in the area.  We'll be teaching Zoom Loom Weaving,  Beginning Cricket Weaving, Faux Ikat Weaving and Kook-Aid Dyeing.  All the classes will be fun!

Today I have been tying up loose ends and trying (yet again) to get organized.  We ordered a new hand truck to take with us to shows and it arrived "some assembly required".

Fortunately, it was mostly in one piece but I got out the tools this afternoon and put it together.  It only required one trip to Ron's workshop.

Note to self - when they say I need a 13mm wrench and a 10mm wrench what they really mean is two of each so I can hold both the nut and the bolt to tighten.

Now we have a great convertible hand truck!  I'm putting off running out to the trailer for empty tubs to pack until at least tomorrow.  Or maybe Wednesday.  Right now I think I'll warp Peggy's loom!  That's a great indoors activity!