Friday the 13th

Back a long time ago when I was young, I made a true statement of rebellion.  I declared that Friday the 13th would always be a good day for me.  Wow.  How rebellious is that? I don't remember anyone in my family being particularly superstitious.  No panic about black cats, although my mother didn't like cats of any color.  No hysteria about walking under a ladder, although my dad always suggested you look up and make sure it was safe. But regardless of the lack of superstitious ritual around the house, my rebellion against the black name of Friday the 13th was important to me.  Interestingly, if you decide that something will always be good, it pretty much turns out that way.  Friday the 13th is usually a good day for me.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and it turned out to be a great day.  I finished warping my Baby Wolf loom with linen for face cloths and got the first one about half done.

I totally enjoyed my day in the studio - even enjoyed catching up on emails and the ever present need to get organized.

The sun came out for the first time in at least a week - or has it been a month? - and it looked grand outside.  We've had enough rain that the ferns growing on our live oak burst forth.

And to fill my big black tub behind the studio.

And to grow mold on the ground.

My husband picked up some marigolds and purple basil for us. Both plants have given us wonderful color in the past.  They'll get planted early next week.  The garden bins have been cleaned out and are only waiting for a bit more soil, a load of mulch and for me to get out in the back and pick up some llama poo for fertilizer.

I hesitate to write this out - it's sort of like saying it out loud - but I think spring may have really come.  I just realized how superstitious that is.  Interesting insight to my lack of superstition.  The Myer lemons are blooming...

and the grass is getting shaggy.

Yes, Friday the 13th was another great day yesterday.  Today is pretty wonderful too.  The sun is shining, it's warm with a cool breeze.  I can hear my lawn getting mowed.  I have a package to put together to ship out to one of our great customers.  And then I'll warp up Peggy's loom and give it a chance to shine for me.  Yes, a good day!