What color is that?

Peggy came out today to help me man the store and to dye some yarn.  We dye a lot of yarn and fiber so we get together for dye days fairly often.  The sunshine was weak and intermittent but we got some wonderful colors!

Most of our yarn starts out white or cream color. Today we dyed six different yarns:

  • Goddess Sport is our newest yarn.  It's sport weight organic merino wool.
  • Splendor is our sock yarn.  It's fingering weight super wash merino wool and bamboo.
  • Ida is a yarn we used to carry and have brought back.  It's wonderful mohair boucle.
  • Cousins is a worsted weight 100% wool made in the USA.
  • Stag is a bulky weight blend of llama, linen and silk.
  • Mariner is a super wash merino wool that's dyed with natural dyes.

With the exception of the Mariner, we dyed some of each yarn in each dye bath.

Because the yarns are all different in fiber content and/or in they way they are spun they take the dye differently.  All the yarns that came out of a single dye pot will get the same name but they will look different.

Peggy went home with 56 skeins of spectacular yarn.  She will get them all re-skeined and they'll be ready to tag and go on the shelf for sale.

Of course, some of them may just end up in my next project.  I'm not sure what that project will be but it sure will have some nice yarn in it!

I'll show you some pictures of the Mariner tomorrow.  We stewed up some tree lichen but it wasn't ready yet so it will sit overnight to strengthen.  We also cooked up some Navajo carrot.  After straining out the hard parts from our dye bath and adding the yarn we decided to let it sit over night as well.  Tomorrow I should have some nice natural dye colors.